Social Responsibility

Logico believes in giving back to our community and country. In this spirit, Logico supplies food and funding to numerous organisations.

Logico supports the humanitarian work done in support of the elderly and vulnerable children in Swaziland through the Philani Maswati Charity Organisation.

Logico's main beneficiary is an organization called Teenchallenge Swaziland. This worthwhile group assists orphans and inividuals with addiction problems. The organization also provides shelter for those in need and skills training for self-development and sustainable futures.

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The Inyatsi Swazi Frontier was proudly endorsed by Logico from 2006 to 2014. Harper Collins' book, "World's Ultimate Cycling Races" lists the race as among the top 300 best cycling events in the world. It is one of only two Southern Africa races to hold this distinction.

This challenging Mountain Bicycle race is held over three days in the northeast corner of Swaziland. The ethos and spirit of the Inyatsi Swazi Frontier are in line with Logico’s values and beliefs. The nature of the course encourages the participants to reach for excellence, push boundaries and face obstacles. Cyclists from around the world boost the tourism industry in Swaziland with this annual race.

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Logico with the race directors have built a feeding establishment for one of the schools on the race route. This development is a further undertaking to give back to the community.

Logico continues to be an active sponsor of the Inyatsi Swazi Frontier.

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Logico supports Bulembu. Bulembu is a town where over 350 orphans are housed, raised and educated. Bulembu focusses on business sustainability, which in turn funds the orphan care. Visit the website for more information