This is due to the number of people working at Logico – With the number of people and size of our fleet, we are able to reach the whole market in Eswatini every day. In addition, with our history and experience in the market, we have built up long term and good quality relationships, giving Logico the edge when introducing new brands
to the market.


Logico is a unique combination of an entrepreneurial and corporate business, which is good news for our clients. On one hand, this allows us the flexibility and nimbleness for quick decisions and swift actions. On the other hand however, we are part of a listed company, meaning that our governance is in order, processes audited, contracts are secure and stakeholders are appropriately informed and looked after.


Logico implements continuous training at all levels and clients are encouraged to participate in our training programmes.

This ensures that we are up to date at all times and guarantees that the best sales and merchandising practices are being maintained.

Our directors have over 60 years combined industry experience with a solid reputation for excellent service delivery and professionalism.

What our clients say

Logico has been a provider of excellent service, the management team is professional, available and flexible in their day to day running of the business. It is beneficial in dealing with Logico as the business has significant critical mass in eSwatini. Logico is both dynamic and agile which is quite a rare balance of competencies in large organisations these days. I entrust the Logico team to deliver upon our objectives and have confidence in their delivery.

~ Tiger Brands

The team that looks after you and your interests for the long term. The Swaziland FMCG Power House.

~ Joekels

Logico are the best distribution agent in Eswatini.

~ Imana

Logico, the A team that never give up !

~ Mondelez
sustainability and ethical impact

ESG refers to the three key factors, environmental, social and corporate governance, measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a business or a company. ESG can be viewed as a set of standards for a company’s operations that both socially conscious consumers and investors use to evaluate the values and goals of a business, as well as how seriously those goals and values are taken. ESG represents a more stakeholder-centric approach to doing business.

Most Efficient Vehicles on the Market
Logico vehicles travel 5.5mil km per year and if we can save 1litre/100 km we can improve our carbon emissions by 120 000kg of CO2
Solar Power
The 330kW peak grid tie PV system boast of a 98.7% efficiency, capable of providing 70% of daytime power required by the property.
Natural Water
Logico actively collects and stores natural water for use in all aspects of our operation.
waste recycling
Logico collects and recycles all our glass, paper and plastic waste through partnerships with local recycling companies.
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