Brave The Breast Cancer Walk

Category: Events, Humanitarian Post Date: October 28, 2017

Brave The Breast Cancer Walk

SBCCN was founded in 2001 and works to providing quality clinical and support services for breast and cervical cancer patients and targeted community health education to reduce deaths from these increasingly common conditions in the Swazi community.

Since it was launched SBCCN has:

  • Provided over 3000 free breast health consultations per year through weekly clinics in 3 regions.
  • Funded over 30 patients a year to have timely breast cancer diagnosis from Lancet laboratory.
  • Provided free tablet forms of treatment to around 30 eligible breast cancer patients per year.
  • Provided on-site targeted awareness on breast and cervical cancer to over 4000 people per year.
  • Supported clinics to give screening to over 6000 women per year to prevent cervical cancer.

Background of Brave The Breast

SBCCNs work is supported solely by its own fundraising efforts and maintains its annual program of services and education through the support of local and international donors. Funding is often specific to the mandates and priorities of donors, leaving many areas of SBCCNs operations in need of support. Brave the Breast began in 2006 as a small community walk in honour of a local woman, Jane King, who lost her battle with breast cancer at a young age which inspired her family to initiate an awareness event to help others. Since then the event has grown from a few hundred to over 1,800 participants in 2016 and has become a popular community event and the key fundraiser for SBCCNs annual activities.


The event attracted a wide range of sponsors including financial and product donations from Logico Unlimited. This generous support allowed the costs of the event to be covered and for participation fees to go directly to the ongoing expenses of running clinics and awareness outreach programs throughout the year.