PX2 Camp for Teenagers

Category: Humanitarian, Youth Post Date: August 21, 2017

PX2 Camp for Teenagers

The Pacific Institute Swaziland hosts a PX2 Camp for teenagers which unlocks energy and creativity in the young people in Swaziland so that they can see their vision clearly and to pursue their dreams with intent.

The Pacific Institute facilitates a high quality interactive curriculum based on Investment in Excellence principles presented in an exciting and empowering way. The school-holiday camp setting is meant to accelerate young minds and thus their overall outlook on life to improve performance both in the classroom and out (in sport, arts or other passions).

We believe student success has everything to do with:

  • A change in mind-set.
  • Clear and defined goals.
  • Understanding how they are in control of their own thinking.
  • The willingness to apply their soft skills, mainly self-discipline, grit and willpower.

Children will learn the thinking skills that build their self-efficacy, warranted self-esteem and self-belief, enabling them to achieve far more of their potential. They will learn how to set meaningful goals and receive the tools to help in positive goal achievement.

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