Soup Kitchen Initiative

Category: Humanitarian, Social Responsibility Post Date: November 25, 2019

Soup Kitchen Initiative

Our outreach campaign for the Soup Kitchen initiative was a great success.

This was in partnership with Nkonyeni Spar in their drive to return back to the society that supports them. We visited Kholwane primary School in Southern rural area. This is a poverty stricken area mainly because of draught, people there are not able to plough or rather harvest enough to sustain them that long because rains are very scarce. Looking at some fields, it was evident that some fields have not been ploughed for some years due to rain shortage.

Ironically, it was very saddening  to hear from the teachers that some of the children only get the meal from school  and there is nothing to eat at home. Meaning that sometimes they come to class without having had breakfast. The school is sponsored by UNICEF through  government feeding programme, and they are served with one meal , beans and meal – meal altered with rice. What I noticed was that there is no vegetable base in this meal, the beans are just served as is.

This is served Monday to Friday, no alternative for soup or any other than the beans and Pap or rice throughout the school calendar. I see an opportunity here if Mahewu cannot be severed as a breakfast meal through this government programmes as only lunch is served at this stage.

Our Soup kitchen served Top Class Soup based with vegetables and then two slices of bread, they later each received a 500ml Spar Branded Mahewu. Amazingly most of them consumed the full course of that day, Soup, bread, Mahewu a significance of how hungry this kids were.

Our esteem gratitude to Paula at Swazi Mahewu for having sponsored with the Mahewu. She has always been there in giving a helping hand to the community, as her company has sponsored several community noble initiatives like this one and church requests. Other than Brand awareness, this is in line with our #TheLogicoWay as we value the community and understand that they are our stakeholder. Urging other partnership from our Logico Principal base to join this initiative as we continue this drive for another two weeks on Thursdays.