Logico boasts three core services
Sales & Merchandising, Warehousing and Distribution. We provide a turnkey solution to our clients regarding all their supply chain requirements
turnkey service provider
dynamic structure

Established in 2003, we are the largest FMCG
service provider in the Eswatini market.

Sales and Merchandising

Sales and Merchandising work hand-in-hand to create a seamless process for both the principles and consumers. We offer specialised dedicated and syndicated services to cater for different client needs

Our merchandisers operate in all Retail and Wholesale channels throughout the Eswatini Market and the primary goal is to ensure availability, visibility, accurate pricing to ensure brand growth. Seasonal shifts, promotional demand and new products are accounted and
planned for.

– Key Account Stores are covered Monday to Sunday
– Key Accounts Stores have at least one permanent merchandiser
– Merchandiser timetables are in-line with store requirements
– All Merchandisers have order placing capabilities (field marketing)


Logico has a multi-temperature warehouse, which is meticulously structured per principle and managed by a comprehensively trained team. This facility allows Logico to store, carry the book and distribute principles products. These products range from ice-cream to milk and paper.

– 13,000m2 paved yard
– 20,000m2 warehouse space
– 450 x chilled pallet bays
– 9000 x dry pallet bays
– 900 x frozen pallet bays

Logico has a primary distribution fleet that collects and transports all stock ex-factory to our facilities in Eswatini. Logico also has consolidation facilities in Johannesburg (Gauteng) and Pinetown (KwaZulu-Natal).


The Logico distribution facility operates six days a week with deliveries being based on a Nominated Delivery Day (NDD) system that ensures accurate on-time deliveries.

Logico guarantees a maximum of 48 hours to both the Manzini-Matsapha-Mbabane (MMM) corridor and outlying areas for deliveries.
We also offer a drop-shipment or cross docking facility where we deliver goods direct from factory to end user on the principles invoice.

Logico uses the latest MacMobile technology for distribution. This system can be remotely accessed and offers powerful reporting capabilities for both principles and customers.

Logico has a fleet replacement policy that ensures continuous good service from a fleet of well maintained and managed trucks, assisted with an on-site workshop at our main site in Matsapha. All vehicles are satellite tracked. This ensures the goods are securely transported and enables Logico to inform the customer of delivery times.

Primary Fleet

– 3x Triaxle Trailers
– 22x Tauntliners
– 20x Actross

secondary Fleet:

– 7x 1-4 tonners
– 5x 5 tonners
– 3x 8 tonners
– 18x 12 tonners
– 9x 24 tonners
– 1x 36 tonner