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Being part of a company that is continuously reaching new levels of siccess and growth has been an immense privilege. When I look back to when I first joined Logico, I did not anticipate being part of so much growth – as a company, as an employee and as an individual. I now realise how inevitable that is for all of us, as Logico invests the same focus on empowering their staff as they do to growing the business.

~ Angelo Fortune (Team Leader)

Logico is great place to grow and develop both professionally and personally. Senior Management listens to everyone’s ideas even the bad ones, they provide the necessary resources and Support for a successful proposal effort. Working with a great group of colleagues who share their experience and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit. Logico has turned out to be a great decision for me.

~ Nkosingiphile Masuku (Warehouse Clerk)

Logico is a forward thinking and innovative company .It allows everyone to bring forward ideas that can help us do things better which makes you feel respected as an employee .What I love about working at Logico is the culture that consists of growing people within the organization that also emphasizes continuous improvement which in turn creates a sense of belonging , fosters employee participation and encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

~ Michelle Mahlalela (Debtors Supervisor)

It has been an honour to be presented the opportunity to serve as an active member in a business as well-recognised as Logico. At the pace that the business has been growing, it is with absolutely no doubt that I can say I have immense gratitude & respect for our leadership in the company because it takes a lot of trust to give the responsibility that they have to me as a complete stranger & embrace me as part of the family & support me in bringing great success to us both. I’ve found the openness with which our collective aspirations are communicated to be astounding. The company’s leadership sends out a unified message that supports the entire team’s goal. We are in a good position to look to the future and keep on raising the standard in the coming years.. Our directors & leaders are clearly committed to making this a first-class organisation, and our success will be a reflection of their dedication. I am both proud and humbled to be a part of Logico when I see leadership act in this manner.

~ Jordan Badenhorst (Forecourts Sales Representative)

Logico is not just the building, Fleet or the Idea, But Logico is the PEOPLE working towards a common purposes to SEED the future and to SERVE the nation through excellence , I am privileged to be part of logico since there has been growth as an individual as well as the business . Logico promotes TRUST & TEAM work which is what makes our uniqueness the best ingredient towards success .

~ Sive Sihlongonyane (Procurement Supervisor)

Being part of Logico I feel great to be associated with. It has showed a fantastic growth ever since it started. all staff have an opportunity to grow themselves. This is #theLogicoWay and everyone is expected to be living it.

~ Mthunzi Mthetwa (Divisional Sales Manager)

‘’Logico is one of the largest and leading FMCG companies in the industry and I am so privileged to being called one of its employees.
Working at Logico has made me feel part of a great Team. Logico allows one to grow and execute new ideas. Every single day I learn something new and, in this way, I get excited to still learn more. In a nutshell Logico is FAMILY”!

~ Phindile Ginindza (Directors Personal Assistant)
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